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Here is a suggested packing list.  You may want to copy, print it and check off the items you want to pack for
your cruise.  Not everyone will want or need the same items.  These are only suggestions to help you get
started.  Some of the toiletries are supplied by the cruise line. If you want your own brand, you need to pack
Clothes                                         Medicines
Call Karen or Glenn today to book your DREAM CRUISE!!  You can reach us at 419-293-2276.
_____Dress clothes for Formal                                              _____NightPain reliever

_____Resort casual wear for the dining room                         _____Anti-Diarrhea

_____Dress and casual shoes                                                _____Anti-Acid

_____Swim suits and trunks                                                  _____Motion sickness pills

_____Swim suit cover-up                                                      _____Anti-Bacterial cream

_____Hats and/or Visor                                                        _____Hemorrhoid cream        

_____Shorts and T-Shirts                                                     _____Hand sanitizer

_____Pajamas                                                                      _____Prescriptions
Toiletries                                                       Documents

_____Tooth paste                                                                 _____Airline tickets

_____Tooth brush                                                                _____Boarding passes

_____Mouthwash                                                                 _____Passport

_____Floss                                                                           _____Birth certificate

_____Deodorant                                                                   _____Photo ID

_____Powder                                                                       _____Cruise tickets   

_____Shaving items                                                              _____Credit cards (2)

_____Comb and/or brush                                                     _____Hotel confirmations

_____Curling Iron                                                                 _____Insurance cards

_____Q-Tips                                                                        _____Luggage tags

_____Small mirror                                                                _____Emergency contact numbers

_____Shampoo and conditioner                                            _____Cruise line contact numbers

_____Soap                                                                           _____Perfume and cologne

_____Contact lens solution
                    Misc. Items

_____Sun Glasses                                                                 _____Sun screen & burn lotion

_____Jewelry                                                                        _____Fanny pack

_____Hi Liters                                                                       _____Camera and film

_____Extra batteries                                                              _____Books

_____Windex (to clean Balcony windows)                             _____Binoculars

_____Zip Lock bags (large and small sizes)                            _____Wrinkle release

_____Bungee cord & clothes pins                                          _____MONEY

_____Cell phone and charger                                                 _____Lint brush

_____Insulated mug (to carry coffee)                                      _____Note book and pen

_____Extra glasses or contact lenses                                      _____Flask

_____Travel clock                                                                 _____Night light

_____Cable ties (to secure luggage)                                       _____Extension cord

_____ Duct tape (tape damaged bags or hems)                      _____Extra set of car keys
                         Things to do list:
Here is a list of things to remember to do before you leave for your vacation. We print this list off and
check things off as we do them.

_____Stop newspaper and mail                                                            _____Get money from the Bank

_____Take pet to kennel                                                                      _____Put lights on timer

_____Lock all windows/ doors                                                             _____Ask neighbor to watch house

_____Give itinerary to family members                                                  _____Give emergency # to family

_____Call Credit card companies                                                         _____Leave a radio on in house

Call your credit card company to let them know you will be going out of the country.
Tell them the dates you will be gone and the places you will be visiting.  
This will insure they do not place a hold on your card for suspicious charges.
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