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Below is information about some of the ports of call you may visit while on a cruise.  We have information about the history of
the ports, shore excursions, and culture.  Be sure to check back often, as we have just begun to develop this page. We are
constantly gathering information and posting additional information.
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NASSAU – This city is known for its warm sun and balmy breezes.  But, Nassau has a tumultuous past.  Nassau was a home base for
many pirates. It was burned to the ground by the Spanish three separate times.  Since 1740, however, visitors in search of relaxation and
adventure have made Nassau their favorite destination. Here are some of the activities you can do while on the island:

You might want to get up close and personal with a dolphin.  At this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you can swim with the dolphins, be
kissed by one and have your picture taken, learn about their anatomy and stand in knee deep water while you feed them.

You also could take a break on one of the beaches in Nassau. You can do this one a semi-private beach called Blackbeards Cay. This
island is located just a short boat ride from the port.  The island is surrounded by clear turquoise water, sandy beaches and swaying palm

Closer to the dock area is the Pirates of Nassau Museum. You will see displays and artifact from the pirate days.
There is also a glass bottom boat tour available in Nassau.  Take a glimpse into the underwater world around the Bahamas.
Maybe snorkeling is on your list of things to do.  You can spend the day snorkeling on Blue Lagoon Island where you may encounter a
few stingrays!
Dancing to Calypso music while sipping on rum Punch may be something that interests you.  You can do this aboard the Yellowbird.

Take a short cab ride over to the Ardastra Gardens and Conservation Center.  You will marvel at the flora and plant life.  Be sure to
watch the “Marching Flamingo” show while you’re there.
SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO - Puerto Rico is one of the largest islands in the Eastern Caribbean. Here you will find mountains,
underground caves, coral reefs, white-sand beaches and a massive rain forest. This rain forest supplies fresh water to most of the island.
San Juan, the capital of the commonwealth, is a large city with a busy business district. There are resorts and casinos, as well as stunning
examples of colonial life.

When you in San Juan, don't miss the natural beauty of Puerto Rico's El Yunque Rain Forest. It features more than 240 species of trees,
hundreds of miniature orchids, and what was once believed to be the Fountain of Youth.

Take a walk on Camitillo Trail and look for the artificial nest of the Puerto Rican parrot and the flora and fauna of the Palo Colorado

Old San Juan is the second-oldest European settlement in the New World. El Morro Castle is the most dramatic of all the city's military

Also visit the Casa Blanca Museum and Gardens, the Ballaja Barracks, Quincentennial Square, San Jose Church, San Juan Cathedral, and
Cristo Chapel.  See the gorgeous scenery by bicycle.
COZUMEL - The Conquistadors saw Cozumel while searching for gold. Today, visitors to the island seek out gold and silver jewelry in
the shops of San Miguel. Here you can have a great time in its many local bars and restaurants.

The waters around Cozumel's sheltered coral reefs make this one of the best snorkeling areas in the world.

You also have the opportunity to explore the ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Tulum. The ruins are perched above the turquoise
Caribbean. The site was occupied as far back as 600 A.D. You will be struck by the pyramid-shaped El Castillo, which sits atop a
forty-foot cliff. The nearby Temple of the Descending God provides insight into the architecture of the Mayan people. The Maya's gained
considerable achievements in the arts and sciences. However, the populations declined and vanished for no apparent reason.

While in Cozumel, go aboard the deep-sea adventure of the Atlantis Submarine.

You may also want to play and swim with the dolphins at Chankanaab National Marine Park.

At Playa Mia Beach in Cozumel, sit and relax while you bury your toes in the white sand. Here you have many options. This destination
offers food, drinks and many activities, including relaxing massages on the beach.

Maybe a Jeep safari adventure is more your style. Take this safari through the tropical landscape of Cozumel's east side.

Enjoy golfing? Play a round of golf on the championship course at the Cozumel Country Club. Experience the snow white bunkers and
breathtaking views as you play.

If you enjoy snorkeling, Cozumel has clear sapphire colored water around it's coral reefs. It is one of the world's premier snorkeling
destinations. You can rent equipment, get instruction and guidance at Sand Dollar Beach. From there you can begin your snorkeling

Cozumel has become one of the world's best duty-free shopping ports in the Caribbean. Find unbelievable prices on diamonds, colored
gemstones, jewelry, watches, gold, sterling silver, and Oriental rugs. You will also find great deals on Mexican house wares and handicrafts.
CHARLOTTE AMALIE, ST. THOMAS - Today, St. Thomas is known as a beautiful vacation spot. But its history is not so peaceful.
In the 18th century, the island was at the center of the pirate culture. Famous swashbuckling pirates such as Blackbeard and Drake traded
stolen items in the port of Charlotte Amalie. This Caribbean island is home to amazing beaches, gorgeous sea and landscapes and some of
the best duty-free shopping.

St. Thomas is known for it's shopping area. Browse through the shop lined streets of Charlotte Amalie. Here you will find out why St.
Thomas is called the duty-free shopping capital of the world. Visitors to St. Thomas can bring home $1,200 in merchandise without paying
duty - twice the limit as most as the rest of the Caribbean.

Take a tour and ride along Skyline Drive. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the St. Thomas Harbor. Travel on up to Mountain Top, the
highest point on St. Thomas, and see spectacular views of Magens Bay.

At Coral World Marine Park, you can touch sea stars at the touch pool or explore the mystery of life in a mangrove lagoon off the Coastal

Try a day of sailing. Enjoy a relaxing half-day sail to Buck Island aboard a large sailing yacht. While you're there, snorkel in Turtle Cove.

Go aboard the Atlantis Submarine and trek around coral reefs. Get up close and personal with the marine life.

Helicopter adventures are available on St. Thomas. Get a bird's-eye view of the beauty of St. Thomas.

Travel 700 feet to The Paradise Point via the "Skyride". From here you will see the most fantastic vistas in the Caribbean.

Take an exhilarating ride all the way around the island on the 100-foot trimaran, Wild Thing. This is a once in a life time experience.

Rent a bike and tour through historic and picturesque St. Thomas harbor.
ST. MAARTEN - When the Spanish closed their fort on St. Maarten in 1648, a few Dutch and French soldiers hid on the island. They
decided to share the island. Soon after, the Netherlands and France signed a formal agreement to split St. Maarten in half. You will
experience both Dutch and French culture and architecture while visiting this island.

Spend the day competing in an actual race on an America's Cup shortened course. Get a hands on experience or sit back and enjoy the
day sail.

Explore Orient Bay, the French Riviera of the Caribbean. It has over 1 1/2 miles of white-sand beaches.

At the Butterfly Farm, you can admire the delicate nature and dazzling colors of hundreds of butterflies.

Take a Kayak Tour of the saltwater lagoons. Discover egrets, plovers, heron and pelicans while kayaking.

Take a snorkeling expedition through Shipwreck Cove. Here you will discover the undersea world of coral reefs and exotic fish.

There are about 500 duty-free shops on St. Maarten. Many prices are 25% to 50% below those in the U.S. Be sure to try a bottle of St.
Maarten's own guava berry liqueur. The guava berry is exclusive to this island.
KEY WEST - Key West was the home of Ernest Hemingway. Today it is the home to modern day adventurers, artists and poets.

Do the "Duval Crawl" on the island's Duval Street. In this part of the island charming Old Town, there are many restaurants, bars and
unique shops.

Enjoy a ride on a glass-bottom boat. This tour offers a unique and informative eco-tour of the only living coral reef in the continental
United States. This reef is home to over 300 species of fish. The glass bottom boats are specially designed to provide maximum viewing
with minimum stress to the delicate reef environment.

Visit the Museum of Art and History at the Custom House.

Take a trolley tour through historic Key West. The fun and informative tour guide will give you a quick history of the island while pointing
out the many sights along the way.

Discover the real Key West on your own. Ride through the lazy back streets on a bike-tour adventure.

The schooner Liberty departs Key West Harbor for a relaxing sail around the harbor.

Stroll through Key West's famed historic homes and gardens.

Visit Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum. Marvel at the priceless treasures discovered by these treasure hunters.

Kayak through the canals. Here you can observe many species of bird and fish.

Snorkel the clear waters of Key West. These waters are swimming with colorful and exotic marine life.

Race a catamaran in an actual yacht race called the Key West Regatta.
GRAND CAYMAN - Grand Cayman is one of a group of three tropical islands. Christopher Columbus called them "Las Tortugas" (the
turtles) because of the sea creatures he found in the ocean water. Later the islands were labeled the Caimanau, the Carib Indian word for
crocodile. The name Caimanas refers inaccurately to the iguanas native to the islands, which possibly were mistaken for crocodiles.

On Grand Cayman, you can snorkel with stingrays at Stingray City Sandbar. These relatively tame creatures will swim right into your arms
and glide around you. They have velvety soft skin and love to have their bellies rubbed. These stingrays are very gentle and won't hurt
you as long as you stay away from their tails.

George Town is the capital of the Cayman Islands. Take a tour around this city. Stop at the Conch Shell House, constructed entirely
Conch shells.

Visit the town of Hell, whose name was inspired by its unusual rock formations.

Visit the Turtle Farm to see the sea-turtle nursery, where green and hawksbill turtles are bred and raised.

Explore the seemingly endless stretch of coastline. Visit the world-famous Seven-Mile Beach with its snowy white beach and turquoise

Rent a Kayak and paddle along the beach.

Get away for an island retreat to Rum Point Club, which is situated on the north side of the island.

Sail the beautiful waters of the North Sounds, aboard the 60-foot racing catamaran Cockatoo.

Explore the underwater world in a submarine. See the exotic marine life and huge coral formations while on board.

Explore a historic shipwreck while snorkeling.

Rent a bicycle and visit the island's quaint villages.

Grand Cayman has fabulous duty-free shopping. Find bargain prices on designer merchandise. Local crafts and treasure coins can be
found in retail shops as well.
LABADEE - This is Royal Caribbean's private paradise on Hispaniola. It is surrounded by beautiful mountain slopes and exotic foliage.
This destination offers beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery and many water activities.

There is an amazing aqua park for kids, with it's sandy beach and coral reefs. This is a perfect place to relax and have fun.

On the relaxing kayaking tour, your guide will lead you through beautiful coral reefs. You will see the exotic marine life around Labadee.
You'll also pass several fishing villages that have been unchanged for decades.

Soak up the sun while you float on a beach mat.

Enjoy the fun-filled floating aqua park. You can bounce on trampolines, and slide on the inflatables. Lay in the shade in your own
hammock while sipping on tropical drinks.

Get a bird's-eye view by parasailing 400 feet above the beautiful peninsula of Labadee.

Take an exhilarating ride aboard a wave runner. Go down the scenic coast line to see the sights and view your ship.

Go shopping for beautiful handmade local artwork, woodwork and crafts.
BERMUDA - Home to beautiful beaches and local markets.  King's Wharf, Bermuda has many shops and museums to stroll through.

Visit the Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda Arts Center and Craft Market, the snorkel park and water sport facilities.

Love to golf? There are world famous golf courses here.

Be sure to purchase a multi-museum pass. This will allow you unlimited access to the eight museums of the Heritage Bermuda Group.
These include: the Bermuda Aquarium; the Bermuda National Gallery; the Bermuda National Trust Museum; the Bermuda Underwater
Exploration Institute; Fort St. Catherine; the Maritime Museum; Verdmont Historical Museum; and the Tucker House.

On Bermuda's glass-bottom boats, you can see Bermuda's Sea Garden. Here you will experience the undersea world of fish and coral

Kayak through the Paradise Lakes. This is nature at it's best! Experience both sea life and several species of birds.

Go deep sea fishing for blue marlin and other big game fish.

If shopping is on your list of things to do, Bermuda has a wide variety of items available. Look for cedar wood gifts, collector coins,
polished shark's teeth in 14-karat gold and, of course, the famous Bermuda shorts.
COCOCAY - CocoCay is another one of Royal Caribbean's private islands. This island is part of the Bahamas island chain and is
surrounded by beautiful blue water.

Here you can enjoy the many aquatic facilities, nature trails hammocks and people watching.

Things to do here include: Renting wave runners, playing in the Aqua park, parasailing, and snorkeling.

Kick back for the day by relaxing in a hammock.

Enjoy the islands Barbecue and tropical drinks
OCHO RIOS, JAMAICA - Ocho Rios, Jamaica has beautiful white sand beaches. The landscape here is unbelievable.

The most famous area of Ocho Rios is Dunn's River Falls. The mountain waters plunge 600 feet to a smooth limestone. You can climb
the falls or swim in the on the ocean side waters.

Other then the falls, you may want to board a bamboo raft. A guide will take the raft down a two-mile tropical river. Here you will be able
to enjoy the lush Jamaican foliage.

Maybe a safari like Jeep is more your style. Take this safari up 2,000 feet to Murray Hill. You will get a panoramic view of Ocho Rios, the
Blue Mountains and Cuba.

Take an invigorating river-tubing safari down the White River.

Take a bike ride through the valleys of Ocho Rios. You will experience the beautiful landscape. Stop at one or all of the eight springs
which form Dunn's River Falls.

Shop in Jamaica at one of the hundred duty-free stores while your on the Jamaican Shopping Bonanza tour.
BELIZE - Belize has miles of lush tropical rain forest. It is home to the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. Belize is located
between Mexico and Guatemala. Belize was first inhabited by the Mayans in 900 A.D. Learn about the Mayan Indian heritage and also the
European history of this area.

Climb to the top of El Castillo, a 135 foot structure. It is one of the tallest Mayan structures in Belize. From the top, you can see the Peten
Forest, the Mayan Mountains and Guatemala. Keep a look out for flocks of toucans and parrots. They reside in the trees below.

Visit the Baboon Sanctuary and Belize Zoo. These are great places to see some of Belize's wildlife.

Snorkel or dive in the waters of Belize. Experience the exciting underwater world. Explore the coral structures, intricate caves and exotic
marine life.

Get on board a powerboat "Thriller". This is Belize City's fastest boat ride.

The marketplace in Belize City has many local vendors offering fruits, vegetables, and arts and crafts.
ARUBA - Oranjestad, the historic Dutch capital of Aruba, is Aruba's cruise port. It is full of multicolored houses with open-air patios.
Enjoy Aruba's culture, beautiful beaches, snorkeling and entertaining nightlife.

Board a Jeep and head toward the northern part of the island to the California Lighthouse. Stop at many other scenic sights throughout the
beautiful country side.

Visit De Palm Island and snorkel in the clear waters to experience the coral and colorful marine life.

Watch for the famous Watapana (Divi-divi) tress which are shaped by the trade winds.

Discover the outdoor markets of Aruba. Here you will find tropical fruits, and local arts and crafts.

Play a round of golf on the Tierra del Sol Golf Course. This course is surrounded by ocean views and desert scenery. Designed by Robert
Trent Jones Jr., every hole has four sets of tees and approach angles to provide a wide variety of challenges for all skill levels.

Shopping in Aruba you will find Swiss watches, French perfumes and fine jewelry. Look for the great buys on Dutch and Indonesian
COSTA MAYA - Costa Maya was once a trading post for the Mayan's. It is located in the Caribbean in Mexico. Some of the high lights
of Costa Maya are it's jungles, beaches, lagoons and Mayan ruins. Recently, this port has been developed and is now a fun spot for

Visit the ancient Mayan City of Chacchoben. This site dates back to 360 A.D. This was a distribution point of such precious items as
wood, jade and exotic birds.

The Mayan Pavilion Park has something for everyone. Here you will find Mayan handicrafts, saltwater pools, swim-up bars, great
restaurants, and an amphitheater.

If you are into snorkeling, this is a wonderful place to snorkel. See parrot, butterfly and angelfish. You may even catch a glimpse of an
eagle ray.

Want to do something more adventurous?  Take a ride on a ATV or Mini Rhino through the jungle.

Need some down time? Relax and soak up the Mayan sun at Uvero Beach. Rest on the beach chairs available. Take advantage of their
bar and restaurant.  Relax on the beach with a cold drink while you enjoy the ocean breeze. Try the paddle boats or go snorkeling.
There so much here to do!

There is wonderful shopping opportunities in Costa Maya. You will find fine jewelry stores and Mexican specialty stores.  Look for
deals on silver and handicrafts.  Also available are designer watches.

In addition to the shopping venues, the port area offers a great saltwater swimming pool and entertainment.
St. John's, Antigua - The first settlement on the island was not established until the 1600s. This port has an ideal climate, beautiful
landscape, and 365 beautiful beaches - one for every day of the year!

There are many things to do while visiting this tropical island. Learn about Antigua's past at Nelson's Dockyard. This is a restored
working dockyard. Here you can visit many of the original colonial buildings and get a feel for the history of the area.

Get aboard a catamaran and spend a few hours taking in the breathtaking scenery. Enjoy snorkeling and water skiing or relaxing on the
beautiful sandy beach.

Travel through Antigua's lush rain forest while riding a zip line 300 feet in the air!

Take an island safari or a hiking adventure through lush vegetation. Enjoy panoramic vistas from one of the island's highest points at
1,200 feet. Experience the exotic plants, animal life and so much more.

Visit Antigua's most secret spots and uninhabited islands by kayak. Take a break and swim, or relax at a quiet spot. Watch for the sea
turtles, frigate birds, whistling ducks, endangered fallow deer and flying fish on this kayak adventure.

If you're looking for a little less adventure, experience the history and unique culture of St. John's by taking an island tour.
BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS - Barbados gained independence from the British in 1966. The English still have an influence on this
island and English is the official language, Cricket is their national sport and tea is their favorite drink. Barbados is known as "Little
England".  Here you will find beautiful sandy beaches, wonderful reefs to snorkel in and lovely scenic coast lines.

There are many excursions to pick from on this tropical island. You can drive a safari-rigged Land Rover. This way you can visit places
a tour bus can not get to.  These places include Gun Hill Signal Station and Joe's River Tropical Rain Forest.

Take a tour to Orchid World and Fisherpond house. You will see and smell the thousand orchids grown here.  

You can also learn about the island culture and history on a comprehensive island tour of Barbados.

Barbados offers many beaches, as well, to soak up the sun or work on your tan.  While at the beach, check out the coral reefs and do
some snorkeling.
CASTRIES, ST. LUCIA - St. Lucia has been a part of the British Commonwealth since 1803. But prior to that, it was occupied by the
French. You can still see evidence of this in the island's culture. The island offers lush rain forests, striking waterfalls, beautiful beaches
and Sulfur Springs. It is also home to the world's only drive-through volcano.

View the coastline of St. Lucia from a catamaran.

Troll for blue marlin and other big game fish while joining a deep-sea fishing adventure.

Take a grand tour of the island and see the green mountains, banana valleys, rain forests, and fishing villages. This will give you an idea
of the culture and history of the island.

See the St. Lucia's Pitons. These twin peaks top out at 2,000 feet.

Visit the world's ONLY drive through Volcano! This is something you'll never forget doing!